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  • "A remarkable talent-spotter, a champion of raw ambition, and the rarest breed of a gentleman, Dave Byrne is at the heart of a revolution and, though some of them don't know it y..."
    Terry McMahon - Filmmaker
  • ""Digital technology has opened up so many possibilities for filmmakers and that means more films are being made and paid for out of the filmmakers own pocket. An event to screen..."
    Derek Wheeler
    Film Maker
  • "We were delighted to have one of our music videos premiere at Underground Cinema this March. It's great to have a place to showcase independent Irish films and especially indepe..."
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Sophie starts receiving unwanted attention from a secret admirer who is indicating that he is observing her at work. Over time the 'admirer' still hasn't revealed himself and with the mind-games becoming more sinister Sophie starts developing an obsession with the meaning behind it all. As always external problems are compounded by her desire to keep the full truth from those around her while she tries to find the solution to her problems alone.


Written and Directed by Jason Mehlhorn


Maria Marleaux, Stephen Murray, Zoe Burke, Sarah Ryan, Shirley Lane, Daniel Anderson, Lorna Brennan, Paulina Kazur, Christina Ebel, Ciara Bailey Alwyn Lyes, John R. Hamelson & Tim Casey

Running Time 70 Mins


The Sickie

The Bureau

When events at work prove too stressful for Douglas Knott, a diligent and extremely busy office manager, he decides to throw a sickie.  Unfortunately his attempts to enjoy a day off are soon sabotaged by the insidious voice of his conscience.

Written by Rupert Jones & Neil Hunter

Directed by Rupert Jones


Toby Jones, Marion Bailey, David Hayler, Martin Hyder, Caroline Lonco, Dominic McHale &  Kate Sissons

Running Time 14 Mins




Handheld Horror Part 6 

Tilted Pictures

"When disaster strikes Geoff is there.. with a camera phone!"

Directed by David Freyne


John Lynn, Charlene Gleeson, Patrick Murphy, James Gavigan, Gary Murphy, Eleanor Tiernan, Eamonn Hearns & Ray Hyland

Running Time 5 Mins




Express Checkout 

Big Idea Films

Two guys go shopping in a Supermarket. Will They behave like 'real  men' ?

Written & Directed by Kevin Glynn


Jimmy Hickey, Aidan Kelly, Mel Kennedy, Rory Nee, Shauna Kenny, Eve Alexander, Barry Ryan,  Eoin McGuirk, Donal Foristal, Kathleen Garahy, Hugh Feehan, Adrian Shine, Michelle Hynes Makim, Anthony Creene & Sinead Bruce

Running Time 4 Mins






Whats A Girl To Do?

Two old friends Lucy and Paula who have lost contact, bump into each other by chance (or is it fate?) in a nightclub.  But their reunion leads to an unexpected revelation.  Consequences follow.  What would you do?  Whats a girl to do?

Writting and Directed by Glen Forbes


Anna Laerke Byrne and Gemma Arnold

Running Time 11 Mins


 The Ottoman Empire

A Nemeton Film Production

Imagine if you knew where all the things that vanish down the back of couches end up? A former missing person Tibor knows the terrifying truth and it means he must avoid couches completely for the rest of his life. But how can he? Especially when his manic ramblings about sofas mean that the very first place he is pushed towards is a psychiatrist’s couch.

Written and Directed by James Phelan


Tom Ó Súilleabháin, Carrie Crowley, Gary Hetzler, Tara Power & Eddie Milbourne McCarthy

Running Time 14 Mins