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February Screening

Underground Cinema Part IV - Saturday February 22nd @ 3pm
The Generator, Smithfield Dublin - Admission €6.00


Lily (9) awakens screaming in a strange house not knowing how she got there. An unknown couple try desperately to calm and contain her despite frequent escape attempts. Then they decide it's too risky to keep her.

Directed by Yvonne Keane


'a young boy's need for companionship...an old man's need to leave his legacy' 

Directed by Colm Ó'Foghlú


In the future when the Earth has run out of prison space and convicts are forced to serve out their time on once thriving, now abandoned planets, a jailed Wall Street embezzler falls in love with a slightly damaged Service Android!

Directed by Shane McCabe

Cut Me Deep

The plot revolves around Rachel's character Deirdre, who is deeply suspicious of her husband's recent activities. Aside from dealing with her erratic husband, Deirdre's mother Betty continues to be a thorn in her side, poking her nose in and interfering with Deirdre's affairs on a regular basis and forcing Deirdre to reluctantly seek counsel from her sister Louise. A misunderstanding between the siblings causes Deirdre to snap and forces a tragic realisation with very bloody results. 

Directed by Tommy Fitzgerald

Dinner for One

What's the worst thing you've ever eaten? Bryan Murray faces the humiliating consequences of a lost bet. Can he turn disaster into triumph?

Directed by Kevin McGee

Dupes Of A Feather

Billy Murphy became romantically involved with a woman whose late husband’s life insurance paid out. Her ten year old son Billy Junior was in the way of her committing to him. He lost his temper one evening and killed her. He killed her son the following morning. He knew he would be caught before he can leave the country so he led the investigating officer towards him. 

Directed by Cassandra Lottering


Jimmy and Ted's best friend Angus is dead. Jimmy decides to give Angus an impromptu wake. The problem? Drugs, drink, a corpse, and how to get it back to the church unnoticed.

Directed by Paul Bolger

One Thousand Yards

Evan is harboring a dark secret. His world is growing ever more dangerous, and tonight, his fears have followed him home

Directed by Michael Carolan

Cowboys and Ejits

Cowboys and Ejits tells the tale of two petty criminals from Dublin on the run!! Not the cleverest of lads they find them selves some where in the Dublin mountains having trekked for hours!! Knowing there been hunted by a dangerous family, deciding to take a rest might be the least cleverest thing they ever do.